United To Change The World

TreasureYour change can literally change the world!

This year at our UNITED 2015 service, we are partnering with Word Mission to help deliver the Treasure audio Bible to people who have never read or hear Scripture before.

The Treasure is a small, handheld device that contains the New Testament in specific languages. Many of these languages are not in the written form, and even if they were, most of the people who speak them are illiterate. For generations they have passed along information through storytelling, but many of them have never heard the greatest story ever told of God’s love for them!

Church members across Cedar Springs are filling “change your world” boxes with their loose change. Then at our August 23 UNITED service, when we come together united in worship, we will come with our change to give to World Mission.

If you would like to learn more about World Mission and the Treasure, please click here. If you would like work on filling your own change box, please click here and send an email to our coordinator.

This summer we are UNITED to change the world!